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Custom RPA services

Robotic Process Automation solutions that supercharge your business


Discover the power of Robotic Process Automation.

ZD3 Group offers custom RPA solutions for automating repetitive business processes. Reduce the cost and time it takes to complete your business. Whether you need to automate task completed by your virtual assistant, or a team of people we have the expertise to automate and maintain your business activities. Our solutions provide lower high levels of task execution, with no manual errors, quicker and at lower cost than manual process execution. Contact us today to get started.  

RPA consulting and implementation by industry experts

We work with our customers to develop implement and maintain scalable RPA consulting and implement flexible solutions. We use tools and technologies include RPA, AI, machine learning, and build customer dashboards to monitor your business activities.

Intelligent document recognition development

Whether its processing customer applications or customer payments, and every everything in between, our expert development teams automate structure and unstructured documents with industry technologies. We design implement and maintain solutions that validate data with no to low assistance from users.

Document capture software services

We use Kofax, other software and hardware such as scanners to take physical documents such as paper checks and customer applications and digitize the relevant information that a person would otherwise key in and automate the process. We use customer code and AI to achieve high success rates to minimize assistance from users.

Data extraction technology

Our RPA development experts work with you to establish rule base extraction rules then leverage algorithms and AI to extract any data from a document including name, account numbers, invoice, application fields and much more.

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