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Data Entry Automation

your workforce

Activities we automate
  • Process daily invoices and statements

  • Extract data from emails and docs

  • Verify data

  • Execute steps, formulas, and formatting

  • Securely log into and access user systems

  • Upload information

  • Prepare reports

  • Apply payments

  • Send emails

  • other rule based business task

Save money by replacing Data Entry Specialist with bots

Your staff today

Your staff with RPA

Save 50 - 100% staffing cost

Benefits to business
  • Save money by reducing staff

  • Reduce or eliminate manual errors

  • Execute task faster

  • More consistent business operations

  • Add less head count as you grow

  • Avoid employee burnout 

  • More predictable cost base

  • Fewer mix-ups and mistakes

  • Fewer business outages

  • Execute complex verifications every time


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