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Automation solution for your business.

  • Automated payment processing with zero errors

  • Fastest posting times inform business leaders

  • Process payments with the lowest cost

Specialized automation solutions for: 

Collection agencies

Law firms

We specialize in automation solutions for collections agencies, legal collection agencies, law firms and debt buyers. 20 years of collections experience intersects with the latest automation technology to bring high quality and affordable automation to your business. Our passion is to make your business better through automation. Contact us today for a free business evaluation. 

 "Zach and the team at ZD3 automated how we post customer debit payments to our CRM. The process use to take 25 hours a month. Now with just a few clicks, the automation posts the debits for me. "

Jen R, Accounting Admin

Aubrey Thrasher Attorney's at Law

Customer testimonial

Benefits of automation

  • Reduce time required to complete task

  • Reduce staff required to complete task

  • Significantly fewer manual errors

  • More dollars to your bottom line

  • More business processes untethered to the volatile labor market


Futureproof your business

Advantages to move you forward

Significantly fewer manual errors
More dollars to your bottom line
Less reliant on labor market
Reduce the time and staff
required to complete task

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