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Enterprise robotic process automation

What is RPA

Robotic process automation or "RPA" is a technology that allows you to automate repetitive rule based digital task. To do this we document your company's business processes and deploy bots, which are software programs designed to mimic human task in digital environments. These bots won't clean the white boards or refill the watercooler, but they will move files, perform calculations, query databases, save files, type text, fill in forms, send emails, use optical character recognition to read files and more. These bots have many commercial applications including data entry, automate invoicing, reconciling payments, making reps more efficient, and keeping the business informed.   

RPA enterprise products

We deploy only the best bots, and custom build to your requirements. We start with understanding what business processes you're ready to automate.  It may be the most expensive process, or the one with most human errors, the most complex, or the one that causes your staff the most stress.  We're happy to provide guidance on what to automate first, but the choice is yours.  We work closely with business leaders and subject matter experts to understand the business process. The business leaders and our team affirm a common understanding of the solution design and statement of work. We thoroughly test the bots in our lab, and conduct user acceptance testing with subject matter experts before deploying to production. Once in production we provide ongoing bot maintenance. All you need to do is sit back relax, and rest easy knowing the bots are on the job 24/7 365. 

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