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The power of Robotic Process Automation

Dale Carnegie, the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People is accredited with saying “knowledge isn’t power until its applied.” Well, the quote by this Missouri born traveling salesman, teacher, and author left me quite inspired. It’s in his honor that I hope to make you more powerful by providing knowledge and [drumroll] a way to apply it through.

First, the knowledge. According to research published by eLife Science there are over 1M acronyms published since 1950. One of the latest is “RPA.” It stands for Robotic Process Automation. Which is cool and sounds fancy, but what’s important about robotic process automation or RPA is what it can do for your business. Robotic Process Automation takes decades of technological advancements in things like optical character recognition, natural language processing, machine learning and applies it in a way that enables enterprises to automate repetitive rule-based tasks to make their business better.

Knowledge applied. Stretch it out and get ready, here’s how to make your business more powerful with Robotic Process Automation. Step one, identify recurring rule based task usually executing on a computer. It could be preparing reports, billing clients, processing payments, etc. Step two, grab a napkin and on the back, ballpark the cost of manually doing the task today. Yes, labor cost, but also the cost of errors, delays due to sick days, your time managing the teams performing these tasks, hiring, and so on. Step three, reach out to an RPA company and have a conversation about how they can help you transform your business with automation. Step four, go back to focusing on the big picture.

Contact ZD3 Group to discuss how robotic process automation can make your business better. Allow us to automate the small things, so you can focus on the big picture.



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