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Hitch a ride on an emerging trend

Process automation technology is exceptional today. We are lucky to live in a time where so many business activities can be automated. Just look around. Imagine what you could achieve if you didn't have to manage those task.  What big things would you achieve, what strategies would you pursue? 


ZD3 Group makes business better through automation. We give you the power and flexibility to do whatever needs doing — whether you’re running a startup, scale-up, or global enterprise. 

Activities we automate
  • Move files

  • Query databases

  • Recognize words on a page

  • Perform calculations

  • Type words

  • Complete forms

  • Apply payments

  • Send emails

  • other rule based business task

Benefits to business
  • Allows you to focus on the big picture

  • Do more with less

  • Lower cost to complete task

  • More consistent business operations

  • Fewer mix-ups and mistakes

  • Add less head count as you grow

  • Avoid employee burnout 

  • More predictable cost base

  • Fewer business outages

We will we will bot you

A "bot" is software that executes a routine task.  Here are some interesting differences between a bot and a regular worker:

  • A bot has a perfect memory and it never forgets anything.

  • It executes only one task at a time. You can’t get a bot to do a super-urgent task right now if it’s already busy doing something else. On the positive side, the bot will never mix anything up.

  • It’s ready to work 24/7. You can schedule night launches or ask bots to work on weekends, no problem.

  • It boasts tremendous speed. When it comes to sequences of clicks, using console commands, typing, or data entry, bots are second to none.

  • Bots can work either with people, called attended bots, or work independently, called unattended bots. The bot may automate the first step, the person may perform their task and then restart the bot which completes the remaining task. 

Our team members are rock stars. We builds highly effective durable bots to make business better.  We operate in a $3B industry called Robotic`Process Automation also known as RPA.  We love what we do and welcome the opportunity to automate for you. We hope you enjoy exploring our website and look forward to having fun while we make your business better. 

Automate your
business today

Automate time consuming repetitive business processes with Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”). Let the bots complete these task faster and with fewer errors.

Our experienced customer success team and RPA developers will document your processes, calculate the potential ROI that come from automation, and build high quality bots ready to work 357/24/7.

Get gigantic manual task done by bots

Making big task simple, it is what we do. From small to large and everything in between we have a world class bot for your business. The more people you have completing manual task the large the opportunity for savings. We can fully automate any length digital business process where the business rules are clearly defined. Even for task requiring subjective decisioning, ZD3 Group achieves +71% automation efficacy.

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